Starting Over Once Again Until You Get On The Right Path

When you’re younger, it’s easy to panic about a lot of things not going your way. Then, you find yourself buried deep in your 30s and you suddenly realise that there’s more to life than fretting about certain things. There’s something different about getting older; perhaps, we do end up wiser. 

One of the things that you soon learn about growing older is that you have many chances to reinvent yourself. You go through many deaths and revivals until you find who you’re meant to be. And, when you’re on the path that you should be on, you feel less anxious about things not coming together, for now. 

It’s been a long journey filled with loss and confusion. The pandemic alone has come into our lives and changed what we thought we knew. Life also had to deal its cards. Trying to manoeuvre everything hasn’t been easy. Life has changed so much to what we once knew less than five years ago. Yet, it seems as though this new year has come with a gleam of hope. There are new beginnings and more transformations with an air of improving our less fortunate past. 

However, we can agree that good change comes with a lot of intentional effort on our part. If we wish to start all over again on a cleaner slate than the one before, we ought to be intentional about everything that we do. Be it who we are, the people we choose to keep in our lives, the kinds of lovers that we wish to be, and the versions that we intend morphing into. If you keep up with my blog, you’ll notice that I haven’t had much to say lately. The thing is, we need to go through different seasons in our lives. Sometimes, if you wish to truly appreciate a new season in your life, you should step back to reflect. You can’t be intentional about your revival when you don’t take the necessary steps to better who you are as a person. And, this includes anything or anyone that is within close proximity in your life. 

Within the past few weeks, I have learned a few things about myself and life. I think there comes a time when you have to ensure that your energy is reciprocated, that your efforts aren’t misplaced, and when you maintain boundaries to improve value in your life. For instance, you shouldn’t give parts of yourself to people who don’t appreciate that effort. To someone else, this sounds like common sense. But, if you’ve grown to shield your attachment issues by overextending yourself, you’ll understand what I mean by this. The moment you become aware of your conditioning and the role that you play in sabotaging yourself, it becomes easier for you to acknowledge, accept, and to focus on being intentional about your revival into a new you. 

It’s important for us to have conversations about self discovery and change. These are themes that are constantly shaping our lives. In my last blog post, I wrote about losing friends. If we weren’t constantly changing, we wouldn’t even realise when we’re ripe enough to move on to the next phase in our lives. We wouldn’t understand when the time comes to graciously depart from certain relationships. Nor would we discern when certain bridges need to go up in flames. 

Life asks us to be aware of everything happening around us because it’s crucial for our growth. And, in some cases, being aware requires you to take a step back to introspect, to prepare for your revival, and to acknowledge that some things don’t need to be the same to help you with your journey. Sometimes, you ought to be a flower, die in some seasons, and bloom when your environment favours you to become the best version of yourself. 

Personally, this is a gracious season. I have found all the things that I am passionate about in this lifetime. Additionally, I have found a love that has reignited my entire being; a love that warms up my soul. Lastly, I have been blessed with a daughter and best-friend moulded into one. This is a new season for me. I hope that you may also enter your new season with ease. 

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