The Power Of Words For Creating The Life That You Want

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”


Last night, I had to deal with a massive tantrum just before bedtime. These have become a norm since we’re trying to go back to more scheduled days after the holiday season. My daughter is failing to transition back to a structured timetable, especially since her cousins have gone back to school. 

She’s back to being a loner, and I guess some of the tantrums are her way of expressing how she feels. However, we have a lot of instances when the tantrums are all about her trying to see just how far she can manipulate situations to her advantage. Naturally, I won’t budge. 

Yet, each day, she tries her hardest to take it up a notch. I’m hoping that she’ll soon realise that I’m as steadfast as she is, if not more. She takes after me in many ways, her personality is a mirrored reflection of mine with a dose of her traits. 

So, I’m careful in how I raise her. Since I’m the template, she should be a better version of me in many ways. To do that, we have to polish the bad traits and strengthen her best ones. 

Using Your Words for the Better

So, last night, I had a chat with her once she had calmed down from her terrorizing antics, and I told her that in life you have to understand two things. One, you won’t always get what you want, and you should be content with that. Secondly, if you’re vehement about getting what you want at all costs, you have to use your words and speak up. 

Now, every lesson for her turns out to be a lesson for me as well. The latter stuck with me. We have to use our words carefully and with intention in everything that we do. 

You’ve likely come across the adage about how words are the most powerful instrument that we have in this life. And it’s true, how we use our words can have a significant impact on the life that we end up living. From how we interact with our loved ones, to the things that we manifest in our lives. 

This somehow ties to my last blog post about being intentional about the life that you want moving forward. It all starts with how you speak to yourself; the affirmations that you speak to your life matter the most. You can’t expect the universe to shower you with positive blessings when you don’t deem yourself worthy from the things that you say about and to yourself. 

Similarly, you can’t throw tantrums without speaking your truth and expect others to know how you feel or what you want. Using your words has more meaning than you might think. It’s so easy to forget this since we use words willy-nilly all the time. 

But, when I speak from experience, I can tell you that my life has changed drastically just from the words that I’ve chosen to use. I no longer use negative words to describe my life. I’m intentional in using positive affirmations, and about seeing the glass half-full instead. 

5 Ways Words Shape Our Reality

Although it’s not always easy to reshape your reality and learn new ways to use words in your life, the least that you can do is to try. You’ll be amazed by how such a seemingly small change can impact your overall perspective. Plus, it should help you with reaching those goals that you’ve set for yourself this year. 

So, it’s always best for us to try. And, these are the five tips that I think are useful when it comes to learning how to use your words to better your reality. 

  • Stop criticizing yourself and using negative connotations to describe who you are. Harness positive words for yourself. 
  • Be conscious of the words that you choose to use. Compel yourself to remove any negative energy in your words and life.
  • Remove yourself from people who are always negative about everything. The environment that you’re in can impact how you view life. 
  • Use affirmations to say wonderful things about yourself. Using positive and uplifting words daily should generate the power of positive energy in your life.
  • Stop saying terrible things about other people. What you say about others is a reflection of who you are, not them. 

In summary, I know that some things are easier said than done. The thing is, most of us have had to do an overhaul on who we thought we were. The changes haven’t been easy, especially when you realise that in most cases you’ve been at the centre of your regressive life. 

Yet, changing things around can be as simple as using positive words. I hope that my daughter can also learn that it’s her responsibility to use her words to have the things that she wants. 

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