This Is How You Can Attract The Best Year In Your Life

“Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right”.
~ Stephen Richards

Did you know that there are 12 universal laws in total? Yet, we spend most of our lives trying to master the most popular one; the law of attraction. In fact, it’s been great to witness many people centering themselves in the divine power of manifestation. 

This past year alone, I think most of us took the time to dive deep within ourselves for us to go for all the things that we had dreamed of. As overwhelming as the previous year was (well, I can speak for myself on this one), it wasn’t as terrible on the personal growth point. Even though it was very demanding.

The Law of Attracting New Beginnings

Sure, there were losses along the way, but you made it to this moment in your life. 

It’s the beginning of another year, a chance for you to start all over. To dream new dreams, to set new goals, and to reinvent yourself as many times as you wish to. The thing about life is that it’s not about how many times you’ve worked to achieve all that you’ve set for yourself, but it’s all about doing it until you’re satisfied that you’ve done it the right way for you. 

Of course, it matters that you didn’t get to do all the things that you’d set out to do. It matters to you, even if others don’t understand. However, the most beautiful part of being alive is that each day is a new opportunity for you to be intentional about what you want to get out of life. 

How Attracting Likeness Benefits You, Or Doesn’t 

The reason why I started off with the law of attraction is that it’s a very powerful and intrinsic approach to life that can benefit us in so many ways. First of all, it just makes more sense to remain positive in times of adversity. The fact that you’ve made it through to now during a pandemic, should mean that you’ve tried to be optimistic despite everything else. 

You’re holding on, and that is something that’s so commendable. Well done to you; to all of us for finding it in ourselves to get through this turbulent time as best as we can. By now, you should know that thoughts and words are very powerful things. 

What you think of yourself, is what you speak of in your life. Ultimately, you embody whatever you think or speak about yourself. As a result, this is how our habits are birthed. 

Now, we all know that our habits are what drive us to help us reach our destiny. This means that when you see yourself negatively, you’ll attract what you’re putting out. 

According to ancient spiritualists and philosophers such as Lao Tzu, the energy that we’re putting out to the universe will always be returned back to us. Our existence is seemingly that of a magnet, and we attract likeness in our lives. This is why holding on to negativity weighs so much on you. 

You’re this massive body of energy who deserves to be a soft landing for yourself. 

5 Easy Ways to Improve How You Attract Your Future 

And, the best way to do this is to start with how you see yourself. I would highly recommend that you learn more about what the universal laws are, especially the law of attraction. In the meantime, these are the 5 simple ways that you can use to change your energy to match the great things that you’d like to accomplish this year.

  • Start thinking of the person that you want to become. Incorporate various visual inspiration to keep you motivated. 
  • Speak positive things in your life. List things that you’re grateful for, compliment yourself, and voice out your declarations for your future. 
  • Focus on the good things that you have. It doesn’t matter if these are big or small things. 
  • Don’t focus on what you think you lack. So, reprogram your perception of the things that keep you in a scarcity mindset. 
  • Look out for the things that are aimed towards helping you achieve your dreams. 

I think I should go into more detail on this whole thing in my next blog post. I feel like lately, I am at a point in my life where I can decide what I want and how I want my life to be. I am so glad that I took a bit of a break to pour into myself. 

There is so much to share this year, a book that will be published soon, and a writing career that’s about to soar to heights I’ve never imagined. I look forward to growing with you in this phase of my life. 

Oh and I know it’s late now, but I wish you a very Happy New Year. 

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