But What If Your Season of Change Hasn’t Come Yet?

Sometimes, you need to remember that you won’t always go through the same seasons of change like everyone else. Life happens at a different pace for most of us. For you, it might not come with the same changes that your friend is going through. That’s okay. You should always remember that there’s a reason for every season. Most importantly, that it doesn’t mean that life isn’t happening for you if you’re not going through extraordinary changes. Having a child has taught me a whole lot about being patient. Before motherhood, I remember how easy it was to become anxious about things in my life. I would compare myself to others and would even feel like a failure in certain cases.

You see, before this new life that you read about in fragments, things were a whole lot different on my end. Sometimes in life, you go through a very dark phase. You live as a shadow of your former self. You try to fill up the hollowness with different things. For me, it was meaningless relationships and a whole lot of alcohol. Looking back, I know that there was a moment in my life when I was a functioning alcoholic. I am certain a number of my friends who witnessed this can attest to it. It’s very easy for you to lose sight of your ambitions and the dreams of who you should be when you live a life that isn’t a reflection of who you are meant to be. 

Things do Change for the Better

But having a child has taught me a valuable lesson about doing things at my own pace. Most importantly, to do things that make me happy and better me in every way possible. The thing about children is that they go through similar development milestones. But seldom do so at the same pace. Your child can be ahead of her peers with many things, or he may be delayed in certain ways. In many cases, this is normal. It’s a part of their journey towards becoming well-rounded people. Yet, it’s still easy for you to worry about a lot of things that are beyond your control. You fear that they won’t achieve certain milestones. Perhaps, you’re comparing your child to your friend’s child who’s knocking every milestone out of the park way ahead of their development schedule. 

But kids are just like us. The only difference is that they’re at the beginning of this paradoxical journey that we call life. When your season of change hasn’t yet come, you shouldn’t spend too much time feeling like you’re not good enough. Instead, you should continue to put in the effort that you need to stay prepared for when your time finally comes. And if you’ve come across the famous proverb that says that the more things change, the more they stay the same, you’ll understand something. For you to see a change in your life, you should start being the change that you want to see. The thing is, what changes are the circumstances around you. However, if you want to truly make a change in your life, it should start with you. You should start making those small changes that will one day create the bigger picture. 

5 Effective Tips to Prepare for Change 

But where do you even start to make these small changes that should help you to prepare for when a new season finally starts in your life? I aim to make this process easier for you. So, I have come up with these 5 simple yet effective tips that you should consider using. 

  • You should change how you think about your life. Your negative thoughts manifest into who you become. 
  • Start showing gratitude for all the good things that happen daily. 
  • Affirm yourself without waiting for someone else to do it.
  • Draw positive energy from the people that you surround yourself with.
  • Stay active! Go for a run or walk around to release those endorphins.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. We often reserve the good parts such as kindness for other people. Yet, we forget that we also need to show ourselves compassion before anyone else. So, if you’re feeling like your life is stuck, you should take a lesson from watching how kids behave. When a child hasn’t learned to walk, they don’t let this get them down. Instead, when she’s surrounded by other children who can walk, she will do her best to learn from them. Before you know it, she’ll be running around like all the other kids. You shouldn’t compare yourself for the sake of putting yourself down. If this isn’t your season of change, remember that you can still do what you can to stay prepared for when your turn arrives. 

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