This Is How Your Child Can Teach You To Love

In my last post, I opened up about the turmoil that’s currently going on in my life. I spoke about how I left a toxic environment for the betterment of my daughter. You might think that it’s brave of me. That finally another woman learned to realise her worth and she’s all the better for it. The truth is, I wasn’t courageous on my own. I owe my daughter for making me see myself despite everything that I’ve been through. You see, when you’ve lived on the other side of the spectrum, where unrequited love matched with self-sacrifice is the hill you’ve died a thousand deaths on, you don’t know much about love. 

You even let love pass you by because you have no idea what it’s supposed to look like. To you, loving people means burning at the stake without thinking that someone should extinguish your flames. Then, unexpectedly, you meet someone who changes your perception of life. At first, you’re afraid of accepting love. You think that you’ve known love because, in your head, you’ve loved countless times before. You’ve loved a boy, a girl, a place, a thing. Yet, you haven’t loved things or people who’ve loved you back. 

Accepting love changes you

There’s something that happens to you when you accept the love that you should have for your child. It’s magical if you believe in that sort of thing. When I think of the love that my daughter has opened me to, I think of a perfected love poem. There’s nothing that compares and there have been many love poems written that don’t even come close. She is love personified in my eyes. Do you know what it feels like to look at a person and your heart skips a million beats? When someone shows up in your life and opens your heart to a love that you didn’t even know existed, you have no choice but to see yourself through their eyes. When they call your name or look at you, you just know that you light up their world. As I said, it’s magical if you believe in that sort of thing. 

You can go through life without experiencing love in its true form, untainted, requited and unconditional. You won’t know what you’re missing until you find it. The great thing about finding love is that it teaches you so much about life. You learn to love yourself and to open yourself up to being loved. Most importantly, it gives you choice. You have the freedom to sift through the kind of love that you no longer want in your life. From the moment that I held my daughter in my arms, my world changed. How I saw myself changed and I am grateful for having her open my eyes. Yet, this made some people in my life uncomfortable. Something is interesting about how people change when they realise that they can no longer use you. When you finally take up the space that you should take in your life and no longer leave room for them, they resent you. You’ll start thinking that you’re imagining things until they can’t hide them anymore. When you realise your worth, everything moves in favour of you. The universe conspires all it has to ensure that you’re affirmed in every way imaginable. You glow differently when you’re intentional about your life. 

Allow love in your life 

This is how my daughter taught me to love myself and choose me all the time. It hasn’t been easy, especially when you find yourself either losing people or being drawn back into some cycles that no longer serve you. Yet, when you have love in your heart and finally understand how you should see yourself to become the best version of who you’re meant to be, it gets easier with each passing day. I’m not even where I need to be in my life.

When you undervalue yourself, you miss out on so many opportunities. You miss out on healthy romantic love. You chase people with good intentions away. But when you finally realise how you’re supposed to live and love, you can lose yourself in feeling regretful. However, you should remember that everything happens for a reason and that there’s always a lesson for you. Live, learn, laugh, and love at your best and healthiest when life cracks your heart open all over again. 

One thought on “This Is How Your Child Can Teach You To Love

  1. This blog is so emotional just brought tears to my eyes I have a family member going through the same . Thanks for this eye opener blog.


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