These 5 Simple Steps Can Help You To Reinvent Yourself

Did you know that as of today, you have 20 more Wednesdays until this year is over? If you think about it, the year is almost over. There has been so much that you’ve gone through. There were many emotions that you’ve had to navigate through. You’ve had to deal with a massive change in the past year and this year while hoping that things will work out for the better. You’re living in an era that comes with so many uncertainties. Yet, so far you’ve made it past 32 Wednesdays in one piece. Unfortunately, as much as life doesn’t come with guarantees, well except for death, you still need to remain optimistic that things will work out in the end. It’s easy to lose control of your life. That’s if you’re lucky to have autonomy over yourself in the first place. 

In the last post, you had the chance to find out the reasons why you should reinvent yourself. But it’s easy for someone to tell you how to do something without giving you information on how you should take the first step. The fact of the matter is, you should use some guidance when you’re embracing such a journey. We all need a helping hand to get us to the next stage of our lives. Especially if you’ve had to go through life alone. You’d be surprised to find that research suggests that you haven’t been a loner because you were born this way. In fact, it all goes back to the way that society has moulded you. For example, you’ve felt rejected by the people who should’ve held your hand and accepted you. It’s a lot of attachment issues that have forced you into your cocoon.

You’ve created this sanctuary in your head that doesn’t allow you to be anything other than what you’ve had to be to save the little of you that you could protect from the world. You’ve been surviving for the most part. You’ve held onto toxic positivity because it was the only way to ensure that you don’t crumble. And that’s okay. But now, you should learn to let go of the parts of yourself that have kept you hostage. You don’t need to survive anymore, you should live your life the way that you want to. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult for you to accomplish the life that you want to. If you follow these 5 simple steps, you should be on your way to a new you before you know it. 

1. See yourself from a different perspective 

Have you ever wondered how others see you? Knowing self-reflection is a good way to improve your self-awareness. In most cases, you should consider being neutral when you observe yourself. This allows you to understand your behaviours, emotions, and thoughts better. When you practice objectivity in your life, it helps you to make better decisions that aren’t driven by how you’re feeling. 

2. Change your bad habits 

The thing is you can’t be a new person if you’re still stuck with the same habits that got you where you are in the first place. Focusing on what you want to change is one thing. But, focusing on your bad habits is another thing altogether. Let’s say that you want to lose weight. If you focus on exercising to lose weight and not change your diet, you might be stuck in the same cycle without realising it. The problem isn’t necessarily what you want to change, it’s the habits that have gotten you to the point of wanting to change. 

3. Be realistic with your goals

Change is a process. You don’t just wake up one day to find yourself a new person. Every process requires consistent effort. Sometimes, you might have to change your methods and start from scratch. You don’t heal decades of trauma overnight. In most cases, you’ll find yourself unravelling so much that it becomes a lot for you to carry on. If this is how you feel during your transformation, it’s okay and you’re not alone. All that you should consider doing is setting realistic goals for yourself. Besides, this is how you help yourself as well. You get to understand the depth of your pain and take time peeling each layer until you find yourself in the centre of your pain. 

4. Choose your circle carefully 

Do you know how birds of a feather flock together? Well, when you’re on the road to rediscovery and transformation you need to surround yourself with people that want what’s best for you. The company that you keep can influence who you become. So, choose friends that are not only loving but that are also truthful towards you. 

5. Practice makes perfect 

To break your habits and commit to becoming the best version of yourself, you have to keep on trying. Each day, you should choose yourself. Do it until it doesn’t feel like a choice anymore but the only priority. The thing is, when you decide to change who you used to be, you’re changing your lifestyle. This means that you should dedicate yourself daily until you no longer rely on conscious effort to become yourself. 

These steps may seem simple when you read them. However, you should remember that some things aren’t what they seem. You might need to purge and prune more than you’re ready to. You might even give up because some scars are deeper than you thought. It’s okay, you should just remember to be kinder to yourself. To take it one day at a time until you conquer yourself. The greatest battle that you’ll ever fight in this lifetime is the one with yourself. 

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