These Are The Reasons Why You Should Reinvent Yourself

Now that you are aware of how much the world has shaped the person that you are, it’s time for you to decide what you want to do to let go of the parts of you that were never yours, to begin with. Oftentimes, you hold on to things that you don’t even believe in because that’s what’s expected of you. The world- be it whatever or whomever it was for you who told you that you were not enough or too much, forces you to own parts of you that will kill you. So, you should retaliate. You should find a way to own your freedom.  What kind of life do You want for yourself? Have you ever had a chance to decide on who you should be? Who do you want to be? What makes you happy if you remove the roles that you have assigned to yourself? Do you know how to mend your broken parts when you’re not overextending yourself to other people?

Happy Women’s Day

Today, I am a year older. It also happens to be Women’s Day in my country. A day where you get flooded with people sending you messages aimed at embracing your strength. You are thanked for giving yourself, for sacrificing parts of you to be seen by the world. You are the main character for today. Yet, tomorrow the world will have all sorts of things to say about this strength that you’re praised for. After all,  you should be a strong woman. However, you should watch how you portray your strength. It shouldn’t be too much of anything. In fact, you should remember your place as a woman. In whatever you do, make everyone else happy except for yourself. When you choose yourself, when you love yourself, when you leave toxic situations and decide to redefine who you are, it offends the world. 

There have been too many times in your life where you dimmed your light when you were afraid to dream, or afraid to demand what you deserved. You were always told that you should either appreciate the bare minimum that you’ve been given or that you’re asking for too much. And you accepted this because you started to doubt yourself and what you deserve. You didn’t think that you’re worthy of beautiful things in your life. Yet, you went out of your way to make sure that those around you know what they deserve and are loved without reservations. But this doesn’t have to be your life.

Find ways to Reinvent Yourself

The greatest gift that life has given you is your ability to learn and unlearn parts of yourself. You always have a chance to reinvent yourself. You know when your freedom is beckoning for your awakening. You feel how everything weighs down on your soul. You should listen to that voice that tells you it’s time for new things. It’s time for you to learn new ways to love yourself and to remain true to who you want to be.  If you’re a girl mom like me, you should consider what it means for her when you continue to shrink yourself to please everyone else but you. And if you’re a mom to boys, you should also consider what you’re teaching them when you show them that women should sacrifice themselves for everyone around them.

So, this chapter of your life should be you choosing who you want to be. Don’t wait for the world to tell you who you should be. Be the best version of yourself and whatever else that you need and want to be. If you’re afraid, you should read this short and powerful quote that always reminds me to soar. 

There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask “What if I fall?”

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?

~Erin Hanson

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