Finding Effective Ways To Avoid A Messy Motherhood Journey

“Life is full of contradictions. Life gets very messy.”

Do you think that life would be so much simpler if everything came with a pocket-sized manual? Imagine if we all received a small handbook when we reach a new stage in our lives. A small congratulatory token for reaching yet another milestone. A way to prepare you to handle something new whenever you get stuck. Imagine the infinite possibilities of navigating life with a personal guide of sorts. I was thinking about this when I was reflecting on some interesting moments that I have experienced in my journey so far. I wish that someone would have given me a breakdown of the crazy and fascinating things that being a parent comes with.

Do you remember how clueless you were about the things that you do with so much ease now? Imagine how smooth things would’ve been from the start had you had guidelines to follow. Yeah, sure some people can give you advice and support you through it all. The thing is although the advice is appreciated, sometimes it can get a bit confusing. Some people will offer you advice that contradicts everything that you know. Almost 2 years later, I still get some pretty interesting and unsolicited advice on how to raise my child. I don’t take offence, I know some parents do. I just chuckle at times when you give me advice that I will never use.

I often wonder why you didn’t give me useful tips at the beginning of my journey. Like the truly relevant stuff. For instance, nobody ever has the time to warn you about the amount of shit that you will get through when you’re a parent. And I mean shit in its literal sense, poop, crap, turds, etc. I don’t think that I was ever prepared for how messy this part of my life would get. I remember when my daughter was 2 weeks old. Somehow, when I was changing her nappy, she decided to use the time to get things off her chest. By things, I simply mean the runniest and yellow poop that I had ever seen. My first reaction is screaming when I see anything that shocks me to my core. And horrified is the only way that I can think of to describe my reaction. I let out a scream so loud, my mom rushed to my room to find out what had happened. But, she laughed at me when she eventually realized what was going on. Oh no, she didn’t help me clean the mess up. She just told me that this is what my life would look like for the next couple of years. I had to roll up my sleeves and clean my daughter and change the bed in the middle of the night. The bed was a mess, and so was my daughter who hadn’t a clue what she had done wrong. Her part of the story was done for the night, while I took a few hours post my trauma to digest what I had gone through. Ever since then, it’s been many days filled with copious amounts of poop and different thoughts.

Over time, I have become better at handling the amount of shit that I see daily. I’m not even exaggerating, parents deal with a lot of shit daily. Whether you take that figuratively or literally, the meaning stays true. If you are preparing yourself for this journey, you should be aware of this. It takes some getting used to, like everything in your life. The fact that you appreciate your child for loving you unconditionally makes the transition easier.

I wonder if things would be as intriguing as they are now if I had a resourceful guide from the beginning. Yet, I doubt that having a manual would help me to navigate things better. Somehow, I find that life happens in these messy moments. The things that you don’t expect to happen are often the things that give you the best memories. Not that poop has a good record of riveting moments, but the other shit that you go through can be what makes it all worth it in the end. 

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